Atrex Energy Announces Winn-Marion Barber Partnership

May 12, 2016

Atrex Energy (formerly Acumentrics SOFC Corp), a leader in clean, reliable fuel cell generation solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Winn-Marion Barber, LLC as a new Distributor partner in the Rocky Mountain region. The Winn-Marion Companies have been in business since 1972 and has grown from their base in Denver, CO adding eleven offices throughout the Rocky Mountain region, and expanding into Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia in 2011. Winn-Marion proudly serves the industrial, gas & oil and semiconductor process markets with over 200 employees.  Winn-Marion will enable Atrex Energy to better serve our customers in the Rocky Mountain region with a local presence that can provide superior pre and post sales support.

"We are thrilled to add the technical expertise and market experience of Winn-Marion to our team, " stated Michael Gagnon, Atrex Energy VP of Sales & Marketing.  "Winn-Marion's long term presence in the Rocky Mountain region as a key ABB Distributor has earned them a great reputation for designing and implementing instrumentation systems.  Partnering with Atrex Energy and its reliable remote power solutions allows Winn-Marion to provide a more complete solution to its customers.  Their established customer base, combined with our market-leading fuel cell generation expertise, creates a strong platform for growth in this region."   

"We are excited to partner with Atrex Energy in providing our clients with a money saving, smart and reliable remote power solution.  This product line enables Winn-Marion to provide power to our custom engineered instrumentation designs," said Tim Bradley, President, Winn-Marion

Atrex Energy offers a portfolio of quiet, green, and reliable DC power systems based on proprietary tubular ceramic fuel cell technology to service remote or off grid applications. These systems are great for providing 24/7/365 continuous power for load profiles like Cathodic Protection, Chemical Injection Pumps, remote Instrumentation, SCADA, SODAR, LIDAR applications, Remote Surveillance systems and Telecommunications (Cellular Base Stations, Microwave Repeaters) systems.  These generators are highly efficient, use conventional fuel, have a broad range of output from 100 watts to 4500 watts and can be remotely monitored and controlled.  All this combines to provide Users with a very attractive Total Cost of Ownership.

About Atrex Energy, Inc.

Atrex Energy provides a variety of power generation products based on a unique tubular solid oxide fuel cell technology which operates at high efficiency on conventional natural gas and propane.  Our systems provide clients with money-saving, smart and reliable power solutions. More than 350 units have been sold to date with over 3 million hours of operation.  Atrex Energy was formerly known as Acumentrics SOFC Corp and moved in early 2016 from Westwood, MA to a new facility in Walpole, MA.  For more information visit us at or contact Mike Gagnon at 781.461.8251 ext. 403 or

About Winn-Marion

The Winn-Marion Companies trace their roots back to 1972 and a Georgia Tech Chemical Engineer with a vision of solving customer problems utilizing emerging technology and the idea of there always being a better way. Headquartered in Denver, CO they have eleven offices throughout the Rocky Mountain region, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. For more information visit or email

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