Atrex Energy offers several accessories and options for the Remote Power Generator System that allow users to deploy the units in a variety of applications under the harshest conditions and realize the maximum potential performance.

ARP500-FS / ARP1500-FS: Field Stand

The Field Stand is designed to elevate the power generator 25 inches (64cm) off the ground. This prevents the unit from resting in puddles, snow or mud. It allows air flow around the unit and physical access at waist level. The stand is painted steel and ships unassembled. For the 500 watt unit order p/n ARP500-FS. For the 1000 watt and 1500 watt unit order p/n ARP1500-FS.

For ARP Series - ARP500-EXH / ARP1500-EXH: Exhaust Adapter to 4" Round Vertical Pipe
For RP Series - Contact Atrex Energy

The exhaust vent is located on the lower right hand corner of the power generator. When deployed outside, the unit's exhaust is typically discharged directly from the enclosure into the atmosphere. In certain installations (inside an equipment shelter or wherever excessive snow could build up and block the exhaust vent) the exhaust may have to be directly ducted to a specific area. This adapter attaches to the enclosure and provides a standard 4” round connection on which a standard 4” duct can be attached (duct is provided by user). For the ARP Series 500 watt model order p/n ARP500-EXH. For the ARP Series 1000 watt and 1500 watt model order p/n ARP1500-EXH.  For RP Series contact Atrex Energy.

For ARP Series - ARP-HWP / ARP-HWN: High Pressure Regulator and Coalescing Filter Kit
For RP Series - RP-HWP / RP-HWN: High Pressure Regulator and Coalescing Filter Kit

This kit is externally mounted to the power generator. It includes a pressure regulator that can take a maximum of 125 psi and reduce it to the specified inlet pressure of 2 to 5 psi. Pressures over 125 psi must by depressurized before feeding the pressure regulator. Also included in this kit is a coalescing canister and filter that will capture any liquids in the incoming gas which could cause damage to the unit. For Propane fuel order p/n ARP-HWP or RP-HWP, for Natural Gas fuel order p/n ARP-HWN or RP-HWN.

RP-HP: High Pressure Regulator, Propane 

This high pressure regulator can take a maximum inlet pressure of 125 psi and reduce it to the specified inlet pressure of 2 to 5 psi.

RP-HN: High Pressure Regulator, Natural Gas

This high pressure regulator can take a maximum inlet pressure of 125 psi and reduce it to the specified inlet pressure of 2 to 5 psi.  

RP-CFHW: Replacement Coalescing Filter, HWN, HWP

It is critical that liquids (e.g. water) are not introduced into the power generator. This could cause permanent damage to the unit. Over time, the filter provided inside the external Coalescing Filter canister (comes with the High Pressure Regulator and Coalescing Filter Kit) may become clogged and should be replaced. Recommended replacement is once per year.

RP-CFI: Replacement Coalescing Filter, Internal

The Internal Coalescing canister/filter is mounted inside the power generator. It is critical that liquids (e.g. water) are not introduced into the power generator or they could cause permanent damage to the unit. Over time the Internal Coalescing Filter may become clogged and should be replaced. Recommended replacement is once per year.

RP-AF: Replacement Air Filters

In order for the power generator's chemical process to function properly there must be a constant flow of clean air into the enclosure and into the fuel cell. The air needs to be filtered to eliminate airborne particulates. Over time, the two filters provided with the power generator may become clogged and should be replaced with this Air Filter kit. Recommended replacement is once per year.

RP-ALS: Automatic Liquid Shut-off Valve

It is critical that liquids (e.g. water) are not introduced into the power generator. It could cause permanent damage to the unit. The coalescing filter accessories provide one level of security. Adding an Automatic Liquid Shut-off Valve provides a second level of security.  As the gas/liquid mixture enters a small chamber in this device a small ball is raised as it floats with the liquid. At a certain point the ball is raised enough to block any further flow and the gas flow is stopped. The power generator will then shut down due to low fuel pressure.  Due to the pressure drop across the unit, the RP-ALS must be installed upstream of the final external pressure regulator. The minimum inlet pressure to the RP-ALS is 100 psi to ensure adequate fuel flow to the power generator.

 RPP-DS (for Propane) / RPN-DS (for Natural Gas): Replacement Desulfurizer

In order for the power generator’s electrochemical process to function properly any sulfur content in the incoming fuel must be removed. The Desulfurizer will scrub the fuel to the specified levels. This Replacement Desulfurizer kit should be used whenever the operating Desulfurizer approaches end of life.  Rule of thumb for end of life is three years for the 500 watt unit, two years for the 1000 watt unit and one year for the 1500 watt unit with a Natural Gas inlet sulfur concentration of 60ppmv or HD-5 grade Propane. Contact Atrex Energy if sulfur concentrations are higher.

RP-IG: Replacement Igniter

On occasion the burner igniter will fail to initiate start-up combustion or detect the flame adequately due to such factors as severe operating conditions, excessive cycling, etc. This replacement igniter can be easily installed to get the system operational.  

Replaceable Bundle

The heart of the power generator system is the Fuel Cell Bundle. Similar to an inkjet cartridge in an inkjet printer the Bundle is a consumable item. Having a spare Bundle on hand allows users to replace an expired Bundle getting the system operational  quickly and easily.

RP-WDA: Welker Dehydration Assembly, Natural Gas 

The Welker Dehydration Assembly is designed to filter, dry and regulate natural gas from pipeline and wellhead sources. The system incorporates filters to remove unwanted elements as well as regulators to reduce the pressure of the supply. This system utilizes a backup filter. In the event that the primary filter or regulator becomes obstructed and requires maintenance, the backup filter automatically goes into service for uninterrupted operation. A catalytic heater is also included. This reheats the gas after the initial pressure reduction stage and runs off the filtered outlet gas. Startup of the heater is via a 12 VDC power source supplied by the user.

RP-WF: Replacement Welker Filter, Natural Gas 

The pressure on the Welker Dehydration Assembly must be monitored on a regular basis. The pressure dropping 5 to 10 psi is an indication that the primary filter is not functioning and the backup filter is being used. The Replacement Welker Filter can be used to replace either the primary filter or the backup. It is filled with silica gel and activated charcoal for the removal of particulates and moisture. The filter replacement schedule will be dependent on gas composition and flow rate. 

For ARP Series - ARP-HDB: Heavy Duty Battery
For RP Series - RP-HDB: Heavy Duty Battery
                RP-HDB                                             ARP-HDB

The on-board battery system is designed to provide power to start the power generator system. It is not intended to provide power to external loads. The batteries provided as standard are two 12 VDC, 33aH valve regulated lead-acid batteries connected in series. The ARP-HDB or RP-HDB option doubles the number of batteries to double the amp-hour capacity and autonomy. In extreme cold applications this option ensures enough ampacity to start the power generator. This option must be added at the factory.

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